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Are you in need of captivating visuals that tell your story in a unique and engaging way?

Creative Videography:

Capturing the essence of your narrative through expertly shot footage. We make your vision a reality.

Professional Editing:

With keen attention to detail and an understanding of pacing, emotion, and storytelling, we take raw footage and turn it into content that resonates.

Tailored Approach:

We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, style preferences, and intended message.

Half Day Videography

Daily Rate

Up to 2 Hours of Coverage

We dedicate up to 2 hours to capture the highlights of your occasion. From key moments to candid interactions, ensuring no precious instant goes unnoticed.


Professional Filming

We arrive fully equipped with top-tier camera gear and tools to guarantee high-quality visuals and crisp audio.


Creative Direction

We bring our experience to the table and as a result you'll receive a collection of stunning footage that captures the heart of your event or project.


Quick Turnaround

We understand the urgency of sharing your story. With this Half Day Package, you can expect expedited post-production processes, getting your footage in your hands sooner.


*Subject to scope of project & required deliverables.

Full Day Videography

Daily Rate

For those occasions that deserve comprehensive coverage and a deeper dive into your narrative...


Up to 6 Hours of Coverage

We will be present for up to 6 hours, ensuring nothing is left unrecorded.


Multiple Angles and Perspectives

With more time, we have the flexibility to experiment, adding depth and diversity to your footage.


Storyboarding and Planning

We'll collaborate with you to plan the perfect shots, sequences, and moments to capture, ensuring a seamless and coherent visual narrative.

Comprehensive Deliverables

You'll receive a fully edited video that encapsulates the heart of your event or project, along with additional social media footage.


*Subject to scope of project & required deliverables.

Professional Editing

Daily Rate

Editing of All Footage

Focused and skilled editing to refine your project, ensuring every scene tells a part of your story.

Audio Enhancement
Balancing, mixing, and mastering to deliver clear and rich sound that engages your audience.

Graphics and Titling
From lower thirds to opening credits, we include and stylise engaging titles and graphics that align with your brand and enhance viewer retention.


Any Delivery Formats:

Get your project in the format you need, from social-ready clips to high-definition formats for broadcasting.


*Subject to scope of project & required deliverables.

Which package?

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